Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free digital download Vintage Hang tag

Good morning everyone. With the kids being home from school the past couple of days I couldn't get much done on my computer. Big WOW (World of Warcraft) fans here so I searched the web for inspiration on another computer. I was totally inspired by Tim Holtz instructional videos (He is amazing!!!). So with my renewed spirit filled with inspiration I decided to make some more vintage hang tags. Along time ago I scanned some tags that I grunged up by letting them soak in instant coffee vanilla and cinnamon. I will put the recipe on the blog if anyone wants to try their had in creating their own tags. So what inspired me the most was the vintage look (you know that is my favorite style) but I am always worried that I am grunging it up too much until I saw his video! I need more grunge!!! So I tried to recreate the same type of look in Photoshop!! Let me tell you it wasn't as easy as I thought but I came up with my own style vintage tag. Still not grunged up enough but I want the photos to be the focal point. Since I already had the blank tag in digital format I used it. That was easy! (The beauty of digital scrapbooking right). The vintage photo I used was  found in some clip art that I purchased years ago, and the rose was on a set of sheets that I had. I just scanned the sheet and deleted the background. I took one of my grunge brushes in Photoshop and matched the color of the baby's overalls and green around him. I brushed over the edges of the tag. I love how it turned out the possibilities are endless. You can never have to many vintage tags.

Here is the recipe to make your own tag.
Iwanted sooooo...... bad to make Vintage hang tags but I had such a hard time finding a good recipe. I thought I would save you time and post it here. Tried and True. It works great!
Recipe for grubby hang tags.
Exact measurements are not necessary.
2 cups of hot water
1/4 cup instant coffee (dry) it has to be instant!!!
1/4 cup instant tea (dry) You can omit the tea if desired
3 Tablespoons imitation vanilla
(If you want to wait on the scent you can spray them with your favorite scent after they dry).
Mix together.

This mixture may be used over and over again but works best if it is warm. Soak tags in coffee mixture for 10-15 mins depending how dark you want the tags and teh type of paper that
was used for the tags. Lay flat on cookie sheet lined with paper towels. Sprinkled lightly with cinnamon before baking.

Bake at 200 for about 15 mins.

You can stamp on them write on them just about anything. A really cool look is to apply decoupage glue and sprinkle german glass glitter on spots of the tag such as the babies overalls, the puppy or maybe the writing.
This recipe also works for cloth. To get that great stained look for muslin dip cloth is mixture for approx. 10
minutes.. Sprinkle the wet muslin with cinnamon and rub for a great grubby look. Air dry the fabric, DO NOT PLACE in your dryer.